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Answer to the Old Endoscopy Quiz - November 2016

October 1, 2016

The Old Endoscopy Quiz (and Answer) of the Month - November 2016


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This severerly ill lady came to an upper endoscopy as she among other symptoms also had a severe pain in her upper abdomen. This is the finding in her descending duodenum. What is this?


Pancreatic Cancer Infiltrating the Duodenal Wall.

Correct answers were sent by:

    Dr.Virendra Parikh Fort Wayne, USA/ Indiana
    mustafa mohammed, khartoum, Sudan
    Katerina Klapcic, Pula, Croatia
    Buadze Merab, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Arzu, Baku, Azerbaijan
    Marianne Nilsson, LULEŇ, Sweden
    mario galluzzi, lecco, Italy


May 1, 2016

Endoscopy Slide-Shows

Endoscopy Slide-Shows

December 1, 2016