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Answer to the Old Endoscopy Quiz - January 2016

February 1, 2016

The Old Endoscopy Quiz (and Answer) of the Month - January 2016


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This quite old lady was examined because of diarrhea. She was otherwise quite healthy, but for some years she had this bowel trouble. This is the finding in the sigmoideum. Two lesions are seen, and both can explain the diarrea. What are these lesions?


    (Pseudo-)Melanosis coli and sigmoid diverticular disease.

Correct answers were sent by:

    M.GALLUZZI, Lecco, Italy
    RASSIAT, DIJON, France
    Virendra Parikh, Fort Wayne, USA/ Indiana
    Katerina Klapcic, Pula, Croatia
    Adela BELLANI, Tirane, Albania
    muhammad israr ul haq, lahore, pakistan
    rachel, chennai, india
    mustafa awajdarip, KHARTOUM, SUDAN
    Mosab, Hebron, Palestine
    German Lloret, Alzira, Spain
    Dr el chaki, Jeddah, Ksa
    Dr.Rafil Belallari, Kosovo, Prizren
    Marianne Nilsson, Luleĺ, Sweden
    Ramón López Gaxiola, GUAMUCHIL, Mexico, Sinaloa
    Dr.Ahmetan Regiond Fakhri Omer, Erbil- Kurdistan region, Iraq
    Dr Myo Min Htun, Yangon, Myanmar
    fred stam, Haarlerm, Holland
    amrani khalil, constantine, Algeria

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February 1, 2016

Endoscopy Slide-Shows

Endoscopy Slide-Shows

October 4, 2015