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High Resolution Images: Faeces in the Colon

The endoscopic images in this site are mostly quite compressed in order to make the transmissions times as short as possible. Sometimes it is however nice to have high resolution images, for example for publications, text books or lectures. In these "high resolution files" some larger images are displayed.

Just click on any image to get a magnification (and then click "Back" on Your browser). Click here to get back to the index page.

Faeces is the solid waste material of the body. In the first part of the colon the bowel content is loose, but during the passage through the colon excessive water is absorbed, and the faeces becomes solid before being evacuated through the anal canal. Faeces is composed of undigested parts of the food (mostly cellulose), a lot of bacteria (many of them important to the human producing vitamin K), various secretions (mucus), bile pigments (which give faeces its typical brown colour) and water. During colonoscopy images like these are seldom seen, as the bowel is cleaned before the examination.

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December 12, 2011