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Mucosal Findings in the Vicinity of a Colorectal Cancer
"Chicken Skin Mucosa"

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Tubular adenoma in the sigmoid colon, surrounded by chicken skin mucosa

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These slight Mucosal Changes are frequently seen adjacent to a colorectal cancer or adenoma. First described by Shatz BA et al, they are called Chicken Skin Mucosa (CMS), and are supposed to occur as a result of fat accumulation in macrophages in the lamina propria adjacent to colonic neoplasms. In a series of 852 consecutive colonoscopies CMS was found adjacent to eight of 10 distal colorectal cancers, one of four of proximal colon cancers and 16 of 42 distal adenomas.

Shatz BA, Weinstock LB, Thyssen EP, Mujeeb I, DeSchryver K: Colonic chicken skin mucosa: an endoscopic and histological abnormality adjacent to colonic neoplasms. Am J Gastroenterol 1998 Apr;93(4):623-7

Chicken Skin Mucosa Adjacent to a Colon Cancer in the Sigmoid Colon:

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Chicken Skin Mucosa Adjacent to a Colon Cancer in the Sigmoid Colon:

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