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Gastric Retention

Gastric Retention

Rentention is caused by some kind of stenosis in the pyloric region or more distally. It can also be caused by autonomic neuropathy causing slow peristalsis as in this patient with diabetes mellitus.

Gastric Retention

Gastric retention caused by autonomic neuropathy is usually treated with metoclopramid or cisaprid. This picture is taken with the gastroskope looking upwards, the angular region in the lower part of the picture.

Gastric Retention

If caused by a distal stenosis, surgical treatment is needed.

Gastric Retention

Retention of large amounts of food in the stomach sometimes make examination of the greater curvature somewhat difficult.

Gastric Retention

Gastric retention caused by autonomic neuropathy due to diabetes mellitus.

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Gastric retention caused by diabetic gastroparesis

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