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Colon Cancer

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A typical colon cancer in the ascending colon

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A small cancer (adenocarcinoma) in the sigmoid colon

High resolution image: A colon cancer in the transverse part of the colon

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Anaemia as the only symtom

A carcinoma in the right part of the colon usually cause anaemia due to occult bleeding, without any other symtoms for a long time. This malignant tumor was located in the hepatic flexure.

Obstructing carcinoma in the descendent colon

A typical carcinoma in the colon, gradually obstructin the bowel lumen, and detected after gastrointestinal bleeding.

Carcinoma at an ileocolic anastomosis

This patient was operated because of a carcinoma in the ascending colon. Two years later colonoscopy revealed this malignant tumor in the anastomosis region.

Carcinoma caeci

In this picture, one can see a typical valvula Bauchini to the left, and to the right a small carcinoma. The patient was investigated because of iron deficiency anaemia.

Carcinoma Coli

This is an xray finding of a malignant tumour in the caecum.

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Carcinoma Coli

The most typical finding when a colon cancer is causing obstructive symptoms.

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Carcinoma Coli

Typical picture of a solid colon cancer in the flexura lienalis region.

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Another typical example of a polypoid malignant tumor, here in the sigmoid colon.

Carcinoma Coli

The indications for surgery are quite clear. This tumor was situated in the sigmoid colon.

Carcinoma Coli

X-ray findings of malignant tumours in the caecum. The indication for the xray-examination is usually othervise symtomfree iron deficiency anaemia.

Carcinoma Coli

A very typical "classical" appearance of a colon cancer, in these images in the transverse colon

High resolution image: A colon cancer in the caecum

Some excellent books about colorectal cancer - If Yoy want to know more:

Colon Cancer (adenocarcinoma) is the most important gastrointestinal cancer, with a high and rising incidence in the developed world. The yearly incidence in USA is about 50 new cases per 100.000, in Finland slightly above 20. The main symptom is occult or manifest bleeding, changed bowel habits and anaemia. Colonoscopy is the diagnostic method of choice, and should always be done in elderly patients with bleeding or unexplained iron deficiency anaemia. Surgical treatment if possible is curative, radiation and medical therapy are palliative.

Colon Cancers::

A Typical Adenocarcinoma in the Sigmoid Colon:

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Colon Cancers::

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