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Caecal Cancer

Carcinoma in the caecal region causes frequently anaemia due to chronic blood loss without any other symtoms. Iron deficiency anaemi in an elderly otherwise healthy old person should arise a suspicion of cancer in the caecum or right side of the colon.

A cancer like this is easy to diagnose during colonoscopy.

This is a usual carcinoma. A part of the valvula Bauchini can be seen in the lower part of the picture. Other kinds of tumours in the caecal region are carcinoid tumours and inflammatory tumous due to Crohn´s disease. Amebiasis and tuberculosis can cause inflammatory tumours in this region.

X-ray pictures of an advanced caecal cancer, causing no other symtom than anaemia. The tumour (T) affects the caecum and is involving the distal part of the terminal ileum (IT). CA = the ascending colon.

X-ray pictures of an caecal cancer causing obstruction. The distal small bowel is dilatated due to a chronic subileus.

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